Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Eichelberger

Todd and I saw our newest little gummy bear on Monday and we were able to hear our baby's strong heartbeat (140). That might possibly be the best sound ever! We feel so blessed and are excited for our growing family. Here is a picture of Baby Eichelberger:

I'm sure the pictures will look like more as this baby grows:) I just love it though, so perfect!

We made the appointment a family event so we could take a picture with Dr. Loy. I wanted to bring Matthew in when he was a baby but I never did. So here we are with the wonderful doctor who is helping to bring these miracles into our lives.

Dr. Loy is very optimistic about this pregnancy and I can now continue my appointments with my regular OB. I have my first appointment next Friday, so of course I will be super excited all week:)